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New Haven Pharmaceuticals was founded with a strong lineage of achievement and we build on our internal strengths through relationships with experts and innovators around the world. Our collaborative approach will drive our pipeline by seeking to identify where we can leverage expertise and innovative thinking to bring better outcomes to patients through delivery of medications.

Cardiovascular Pipeline

It’s our belief that—for nearly every disease—one size does not fit all; one dose does not fit all; and one dosing formulation does not fit all. Our research and ongoing studies suggest that for CVD patients who require 24-hour anti-platelet protection, our product in development can extend aspirin release throughout the day.

New Haven Pharmaceuticals developed DURLAZATM to assist the more than 25 million people in the US being treated for the secondary prevention of stroke and acute cardiovascular events—to reduce the risk of stroke or acute cardiac events in patients who have suffered a prior stroke or acute cardiac event.

The Company designed DURLAZA to be slowly released into the bloodstream over 24 hours.  Currently available aspirin products are released over a shorter period of time. The Company believes that DURLAZA, if approved, will provide the benefit of extended aspirin release to many among the growing number of patients who currently take aspirin daily to reduce the secondary risk of clotting, heart attack and stroke.

Gastrointestinal Pipeline

New Haven Pharmaceuticals is also developing gastrointestinal and other products through our proprietary zinc salt program with our innovative research collaborator, Dr. John Geibel, Vice Chair of Surgery at Yale School of Medicine.

One of these novel products under development is a controlled-release formulation of zinc salts designed to lower stomach acid production and will be evaluatedin patients suffering from excessive acid production as well as breakthrough GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease).