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Our Company

New Haven Pharmaceuticals unites industry-leading experience with data-driven insight. By applying contemporary metadata analysis to large volumes of medical information, New Haven Pharmaceuticals is able to create new solutions and significant health benefits while leveraging knowledge gleaned from decades of clinical knowledge about highly regarded drugs.

By combining this evolutionary approach to drug development with its state-of-the-art technology platforms, the Company creates economies of scale and rapid development processes that are highly valued in today's managed care environment. These efficiencies will become increasingly important as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) help physicians, hospitals and patients move away from a volume-based reimbursement system and toward a value-based system focused on meeting appropriate medical goals for each patient.

Most importantly, the Company's innovative approach—emphasizing collaboration and problem-solving—means that New Haven Pharmaceuticals can develop drugs quickly and safely so that physicians can prescribe new therapies to patients who need relief as soon as possible. By combining the deep industry experience and expertise of the New Haven Pharmaceuticals team with some of the most highly acclaimed researchers and institutions in the world, the Company continually creates powerful new partnerships, which include the following:

John P. Geibel, DSc, MD, MSc, AGAF
Professor of Surgery (Gastrointestinal) and of Cellular and Molecular Physiology
Vice Chair, Surgery
Director, Surgical Research
Yale School of Medicine
American Gastroenterological Association Fellow

William C. Sessa PhD
Alfred Gilman Professor of Pharmacology and Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Vice Chairman, Pharmacology
Director, Vascular Biology & Therapeutics Program
Yale School of Medicine

New Haven Pharmaceuticals intends to build our company and our network of partnerships to develop, market and sell our products once regulatory approvals are obtained. We plan to market our products to primary care physicians and cardiologists.