The Company


New Haven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
is privately held.

New Haven Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NHP) is a specialty pharmaceuticals company developing proprietary prescription pharmaceuticals that utilize currently marketed drugs or generally recognized as safe (GRAS) active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for use in therapeutic applications that represent significant market opportunities. The company's novel product pipeline employs proprietary, oral, controlled-release technologies, unique API formulations, as well as intellectual property licensed from Yale University, which will enable optimal dosing, safety, efficacy and patient convenience.

A US NDA for the Company's lead product, DURLAZA™, was submitted to the FDA in early September 2014,
with approval and US launch expected in Q3 2015.

Anti-platelet Therapy Products

  • DURLAZA™ - A novel anti-platelet therapy combining proprietary API with proprietary drug delivery technology. DURLAZA was developed in consultation with a Nobel laureate specifically to provide 24 hour anti-platelet coverage and will be indicated for patients at risk of a secondary stroke or acute cardiac event.
  • DURLAZA with Zinc Salts - A second generation combination product currently in development (successor to DURLAZA™) incorporating proprietary Yale University zinc salts technology that is expected to provide added patient benefit.